Report Writing

Simply the best in police training

Up to 90% of felony declines can be attributed to incomplete, inaccurate, or poorly written police reports.

Introducing the most comprehensive REPORT WRITING course available.

 This course is superior for several reasons:

  • This course is taught in an interactive on-line classroom by live instructors who provide one-on-one student-teacher coaching.
    • Students will gain proficiency in basic narrative report writing by improving their skills in grammar, readability, and writing mechanics.
  • Develops job skills that relate directly to the police mission. LEOCJI requires students to seek-out police contacts and collaborate with senior officers.
    • For example: Students are required to generate official police reports that address driving behavior, DWIs, narcotics contacts, and Domestic Violence crimes.
    • Students collaborate with senior officers and each other to develop effective note-taking techniques to improve their investigative skills.
    • Students are required to consult senior officers, criminal investigators, and prosecutors to answer questions and participate in class discussion.
  • With this program, students are not only graded on what  they learn but how they apply what they’ve learned.
    • Students submit official reports (with personal information redacted) to ensure what they learn is being applied and their work product is improving.
  • We accommodate the students’ schedules so the classes compliment their work instead of interfering with it. Course work can take place at the student’s own pace no matter what shift they work – 24hrs/day 7-days/week.
  • We incorporate learning styles viewed as most effective for learners:
    • Visual learning: Textbook instruction, written sample reports, and PowerPoint lectures.
    • Audio recordings and 1st person video scenarios.
    • Active Learning: taking part of a live “Mock Grand Jury” final project.
  • What you get with the course:
    • Textbook

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    • CopKeys/AutoCorrect List
    • Report NotePad
    • Report Writing CheckList

POST accredited for 50hrs of continuing education in several states.

Check with us to see if your state offers continuing education credits.

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 Cost $195.00 Online

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