The LEOCJI Learning Management System

Simply the best in police training

All LEOCJI classes include:

Collaboration with senior officers, detectives, FTOs, administrators, and prosecutors to tap into organizational knowledge and strengthen professional relationships.

Class discussion with other officers from around the country, to share experiences and build knowledge.

Application of course material. All LEOCJI curricula includes graded assignments that require students to apply on the job what they’ve learned in the classroom to improve their own organizations.

The Classroom:

LEOCJI uses a Blackboard© virtual classroom. This means that nearly any computer can be used to access the LEOCJI classroom.



  • Most course material is provided to the student and made available through the classroom.
  • Attendance is verified using online education industry standards – through mandatory participation in class discussions and through weekly written assignments.
  •  Student progress is available to supervisors throughout the course upon request.

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