Why The LEO Criminal Justice Institute?

Simply the best in police training

was founded on three main principles:

1)      Technology should supplement and
compliment human resources.

Law enforcement agencies are more challenged than ever to improve their employees’ performance with ever-restricted training resources. For this reason, LEOCJI has developed a system for training that allows officers to experience the quality education typically associated with classroom instruction without the added cost of travel. Similarly, officers can work at their own pace, on the job or while off-duty. Furthermore, students are provided with knowledge, skills, and materials they can use to access the vast resources available to them via the internet.

2)      A quality system of education should ensure
material isn’t left in the classroom, but applied to improve work product.

One of the most significant problems identified with conventional systems of education has been the ‘training gap’ that exists between theory and practice. To overcome this problem, LEOCJI has engineered their curricula to evaluate student performance not only based on what they learn in class, but also by how well they apply the material to improve their job performance.

3)      Collaboration is a keystone for
professional development.

Most mature organizations have a rich store of organizational
knowledge. This is the combined education and experience of every individual employee. We believe a quality system for professional training should have a methodology that taps into an organization’s knowledge to help anchor the course material for each individual student. As such, all of our curricula require collaboration with senior officers, supervisors, and prosecutors as part of the graded studies.

Visit policetraining.net and policeone.com to compare similar classes.

Read more about the benefits of online training in an article published December 9, 2011 on PoliceOne, titled Reinventing Professional Training.

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One response to “Why The LEO Criminal Justice Institute?

  1. Praise for LEOCJI;

    If you are having a problem with new officers and their inability to write a report, articulate the happenings of an incident in a report, need to create report uniformity, or just see a light bulb pop on in an officers head on how to write a report, please look into this class.

    My department initially started with a volunteer, and waited for the outcome. At about week three, we saw marked improvement in the report writing skills of the officer. Upon completion of the LEOCJI report writing course, we were seeing what we wanted. It is now mandatory for all of our officers who are having difficulty to complete this course. It is also now mandatory that all new hires, regardless of prior LE experience to do the same. It has created a uniformity in report writing among our officers, and even those who have not taken the course, have picked up on the style of those who have.

    Those who have taken the course use the provided material as a reference, constantly returning to it. Unlike most course material that goes into a closet or some other place after the certificate is obtained by the officer. I have only praise for the LEOCJI report writing class. It has made my job easier, and our case managers and prosecuting attorneys appreciate the end result as well.

    I would suggest contacting Lisa and get your officers signed up. It is department money well spent, a great benefit to the officer, a stress reducer for supervisors, and will decrease the amount of money one spends on headache relief when reviewing reports.

    David Watson
    Borger Police Department

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